Two way radios have been around for decades, but the technology has evolved so much in recent years that you can use them to do son much more things than before. In this blog article, we’ll take a look at how two-way radios have evolved and why you should choose Inrico poc radio.

What are the benefits of two way radios?

As more and more businesses are using two way radios, they have the opportunity to improve their communication with the staff. This can help avoid mistakes, especially when doing something dangerous like construction. The benefits of two way radios are that it allows a company to communicate with one another at all times.

The importance of professional radio services to business

Creating a comfortable and convenient environment for customers is at the heart of the hospitality business. A versatile instant group comms system can save time and cost to a greater extent, which also makes your business stand out from many peers. Meeting with the MIL-STD-810G standard, Inrico poc radio S300 is tested tough under harsh environment. It fits the IP67 standard that is waterproof and dust-proof. Surely it won’t let you down.

Professional two way radio in emergency

Inrico poc radio S200 features a smooth line, comfortable hand-held experience, robust audio and a large display. Inrico S200 is an emergency walkie-talkie with a one-click SOS button and a mission-critical PPT performance, allowing for voice, video and message communication.

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