I wish to ask you in what A Course in Miracles means by Holy Relationship. In one single area of the book it covers “entering the ark” together, and it almost sounds like you need an added specific person to be able to awaken acim. Therefore, I think I approach each new person with the expectation that maybe THIS might be the connection that reflects enlightenment if you ask me, and I in their mind! Am I taking this too literally? Or do you really need another to assist you awaken?

I appreciate your time so much and thanks for your help if you ask me and others. I thanks and I thank God for you. Namaste.

David Hoffmeister: Thanks for your openness and your willingness to look deeply at what is underneath these topics and issues. A Course in Miracles teaches that the split mind contains both the issue (the ego) and the Solution (the Holy Spirit). When they’re brought together, only One remains.

The body and the world are usually the focus of ego’s perspective, for it seeks to make real problems and struggles on the planet and to steer clear of the inner Healing Correction of the Holy Spirit. The ego’s distorted world is the item of identity confusion, an outpicturing of the belief it is possible to make an identity which God didn’t create. The ego is this identity problem and it absolutely was Answered or forgiven by the Holy Spirit the instant it seemed to arise. This one problem might be described as an authority problem or perhaps a confusion in who’s mcdougal of Reality. The mind that believes in the truth of the time-space cosmos has a get a grip on issue, for it believes so it can make itself. This ego mind also thinks it’s in competition with God, although this really is pushed out of conscious awareness. This unconscious ego thought system is exposed in the A Course in Miracles Workbook lessons, and for reference Workbook Lesson 13 contains an excellent example of this unveiling.

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